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The 12th Latin American Maritime Insurance Conference, organized by the Latin American Association of Maritime Insurance – ALSUM, will take place from October 8th to 10th at the Santiago Marriott Hotel, in the capital of Chile. This is the most important annual meeting of the Latin American Maritime Insurance Market to bring together the main protagonists of Cargo, Hull, and Maritime Liability insurance in the region.

Join us to explore the latest trends, share knowledge, and establish contacts in the maritime insurance industry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Register now to secure your place at this outstanding event.

Early Bird Rates until July 31st

This year, the registration rates for the XII Latin American Maritime Insurance Congress of ALSUM are categorized according to the following categories and subcategories:

  • Affiliated
    • Affiliated Insurance Company $650 USD
    • Reinsurance Company $700 USD
    • Brokers, MGA’s, risk managers, adjusters, lawyers, others $750 USD
  • Non-affiliated
    • Non-affiliated Chile-based Insurance Company $900 USD
    • Insurance Company from other countries $1000 USD
    • RReinsurance Company $1400 USD
    • Brokers, MGA’s, risk managers, adjusters, lawyers, others $1500 USD
    • Non-affiliated local host country $1500 USD
    • Non-profit related organizations $900 USD
    • Non-employed university students (access to conferences only) $450 USD
  • Accompanying persons (not working in maritime insurance or related fields)
    • First-degree affinity or consanguinity family members (access to cocktails only) $250 USD
    • Children or nephews/nieces (access to conferences only) $350 USD

Please note that registration does not include accommodation. You will need to manage your room or rooms in the accommodation section of this same page, for the Santiago Marriott Hotel and Courtyard Marriott hotels.

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact us at or WhatsApp +52 1 55 5215 0830

Academic Agenda

The 2024 congres’s academic agenda will feature strategic and technical panels, with a particular focus on workshops. ALSUM’s Technical Committees have established thematic axes on cargo, hull, and maritime liabilities. The agenda will feature experts from Latin America, the USA, and Europe who will lead discussions on industry and branch perspectives in times of economic change, political tensions, climate change, and environmental impact, as well as the exploitation of technology and new trends.

Main Topics

  • Environmental impact on the logistics chain
  • Automation of logistics processes
  • Nearshoring
  • Trends in the logistics chain
  • Insurance coverage gap
  • Utilization of technology in Marine underwriting
  • Geopolitical impact on Marine premiums
  • Challenge of decarbonization in the maritime ecosystem and contribution to the insurance industry with a business focus (sustainability)
  • London Institute Clauses Policies for Freight Forwarders
  • Insurance for Freight Forwarders and logistics operators


The XII Latin American Maritime Insurance Conference of ALSUM will take place at the Santiago Marriott Hotel, located in the heart of Las Condes in the Chilean capital.

To reserve your room during the congress, please follow the links below and secure your accommodation at the Santiago Marriott Hotel and the Courtyard Marriott. We look forward to seeing you soon at this important maritime insurance event in Latin America!

Santiago Marriott Hotel

Courtyard Marriott

MORE INFORMATION: or WhatsApp +1 (786) 245-4040



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