• Certify yourself as marine underwriting to the reach of a click

    «Learning is experience. Everything else is information»

    ALSUM’s missionary objective is to raise the quality of marine underwriting in Latin America, and one of the pillars in which the Association bases to meet that objective is the certification, the most evident and effective resource for the professionals of any region.

    In Alliance with Charlotte Warr, from United Kingdom, expert in marine insurance certifications for more than 20 years, we have created a virtual platform of courses directed to Latin America.

    In Latin America there are more than 100.000 people who work directly and indirectly with marine insurance, among them: underwriters, adjusters, brokers, lawyers, reinsurers, shipping agents and carriers. Professionals and students of International trade, Law, Finance and Logistic are also a target population.

    ¿How does the ALSUM E-Learning works?


    – ALSUM’s platform of virtual courses is anchored in Moodle, whose programming language is ideal for virtual training, and is used by thousands of academic centers and universities around the world

    – Over there, the student will find the academic material of the chosen course, developed by experts from the London market and adapted to Latin America reality.

    – To reinforce the knowledge, a number of activities are given to the students to delve into the topics, with both local and regional perspective

    – Finally, we have gathered a number of documents and additional material that will help the student to strengthen knowledge and receive different types of experiences.

    In this sense, the courses of the ALSUM E-Learning platform are focused in CERTIFY, so a constant testing of knowledges is necessary at both the individual subject level (modules) and their grouping (cycles). Approval of cycles is not mandatory to the final certification, but it gives the possibility of obtaining partial advance certifications, with which their effort and knowledge on the subject is recognized. Each Underwriting Certification is obtained by the approval of a final test, whose questions are based in its whole in the academic material of each.

    ¿What does it mean to have an ALSUM Certification?

    Alsum currently has 70 partner companies, with more than 150 local, regional and global offices. It is the affiliates who control the development and content of the course, and their presence in the Association supports our accreditation.

    So when you obtain an ALSUM Accreditation, you are not only receiving recognition from the Latin American Association of Maritime Subscribers, but you are also receiving it from all the major players in the marine insurance market in the region and even in the world.


    The Board of Directors defined a free quota policy to access the course content according to membership category, which now also includes the final exam (only required to receive course accreditation).

    If you have any questions about your company’s membership category or the assigned free spots, please contact:

    Juan Manuel Avella – Juan.avella@alsum.co


    Accreditation Course in Cargo / Hull Insurance: USD 600 (includes the final exam)

    Final exam: USD 200

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