• Houseboats the new business coming to Panama

    A project to establish floating cities in the Gulf of Panama drives the company Ocean Builders. For this, it acquires cruises that it would sell as condominiums, reveals the publication Maritime Executive.

    https://www.critica.com.pa/ – The company is owned by US businessman Chad Elwartowski, dedicated to the bitcoin business and pioneer of the ‘Seasteading’, a concept of creating permanent housing at sea. For this purpose, they have already bought the cruise ship Pacific Dawn.

    We hope to create a technology and innovation center here in Panama. Our goal is to discover how to live sustainably in the sea and draw new waters in this new frontier ‘. He says the goal is to be a technology incubation center for entrepreneurs, expats, digital nomads and cryptocurrency companies who want to test their technology in a controlled environment. In addition, for residents, Ocean Builders says vacation rentals will be available on the boat and will offer areas for research and office space.

    In the well-known ‘Cryptographic Cruise’, Ocean Builders plans to start auctioning cabins on November 5. The cabins plan to sell them ‘in a way like a condominium’. Buyers will acquire total and indefinite ownership of their cabin by paying a monthly fee to cover operating expenses and subject to condominium-style rules.

    The first sale will consist of 200 cabins in auctions scheduled for 5-28 November. Tentatively priced between $25,000 and $50,000. A total of 777 cabins will be available for a total occupancy of 2,020 people.

    Residents will have access to all the amenities of the boat, from restaurants to bars, lounges and casinos, as well as the gym. The commercial space will be operated by individual companies and Ocean Builders hopes to attract business owners to operate those spaces while living on board.

    The company also developed another houseboat project in Puerto Lindo Portobelo in what they call Linton Bay.

    In the same way they announce the project ‘Sea Pod’ with floating houses on the shores with smart home technology and are promoted at a price of $ 195 thousand.

    See the original article at: https://www.critica.com.pa/


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