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Be part of the most important marine insurance conference in Latam with more than 300 attendees including insurers, reinsurers, brokers, risk managers, adjusters, marine lawyers and representatives of insured companies throughout the Americas and Europe.

In line with the objectives achieved in the previous versions, the VI Latin American Marine Insurance Conference will be the best opportunity to update on the most relevant technical aspects that set the trend in the insurance industry for ships, cargo transportion, marine and port liabilities. .

The ALSUM conference is also a productive networking space. The commercial fair, official cocktails, practical workshops and business visit are ideal moments to connect or strengthen with your customers, colleagues or suppliers.

If your academic expectations or lines of business link with risk management and insurance of the supply chain, ports and logistics areas, or the shipping industry, you have an appointment from October 29th to 31st, 2018 in the legendary pearl of La Plata, Buenos Aires .

University students, members of NGOs y state officials can access for special discounts. Conditions apply. Fore more information contact to:



Your company and you will obtain advanced and updated information on the marine sector.

+ than 1200 minutes of information

The conference encourage and achieves to strength the bonds within the insurance community in Latin America.

+ than 250 attendees

More than 250 participants from 24 different nationalities are part of the largest network in Latin America of Marine Insurance.

+ than 90 companies and 24 nationalities