• Natural disasters damaged $210 billion in 2020

    Last year, the global average temperature was 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels, just 0.01 degrees below 2016, the warmest year on record.

    https://www.eleconomista.com.mx/ – Natural catastrophes around the world caused $ 210 billion in damage in 2020, with the United States particularly affected by hurricanes and wildfires, German reinsurer Munich Re said.

    The damage, calculated by the reinsurer Munich Re, exceeded the 166,000 million dollars of the previous year, at a time when global warming increases those risks.

    The losses that were insured rose from 57,000 million in 2019 to 82,000 million dollars, according to Munich Re. These losses add to the burden of the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit the insurance industry hard.

    Climate change will play an increasingly important role in all of these dangers, ‘said Torsten Jeworrek, a member of the Munich Re Board of Directors, noting hurricanes, forest fires and other storms. ‘It’s time to act’.

    Six of the costliest disasters occurred in the United States, which suffered the most active hurricane season.

    The hurricane season was ‘hyperactive’, with a record of 30 storms, surpassing the 28 of 2005, said Munich Re.

    Hurricane Laura, which made landfall in August in Louisiana with winds of 150 miles per hour, caused losses of $13 billion, of which $10 billion was insured.

    Heat waves and droughts are fueling wildfires, with $16 billion in damage last year in the western United States.

    The forest fires that broke out in the western United States covered an area four times larger than those caused in the period from 2015 to 2019.

    The floods in China were the costliest individual loss, with $17 billion, although only 2% of the damage was insured.

    In Europe, total losses amounted to $12 billion, of which $3.6 billion was insured. In addition to the heavy rains that hit the Mediterranean coasts of southern France and Italy in the autumn they destroyed hundreds of houses, bridges and roads in the process.

    The second warmest year

    In 2020 the global average temperature was around 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels, noted Munich Re, and only 0.01 degrees Celsius below 2016, the warmest year on record.

    Last year’s extreme climate fit ‘with the expected consequences of a decades-long warming trend for the atmosphere and oceans that is influencing risks,’ said Munich Re chief climate scientist Ernst Rauch.

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