• Colombian companies on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

    Several Colombian companies were named in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI for its acronym in English), which qualifies them as more sustainable companies, with the best management practices and good environmental policies, among others.

    https://www.dinero.com/ – The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) is the set of several sustainability indices such as the world’s environmental, social and economic indices. However, companies must be listed on the stock exchange to be included in the DJSI.

    The environmental dimension includes issues related to the environment; the social dimension is divided into two, the internal aspect of the development of human capital and the strengthening of talent and the external aspect that is the image of the corporation; finally, the economic dimension qualifies the aspects of corporate governance, crisis management and risks.

    Grupo Argos, Grupo Éxito, Grupo Sura, Davivienda, ISA, Bancolombia and Grupo Nutresa were the Colombian companies chosen to be part of the Dow Jones 2020 Sustainability Index list.

    The Success Group was ratified in the top 10 of the global food retail industry, which according to the index classifies it as the most sustainable retail in Latin America.

    For its part, the Argos Group, Cementos Argos and Celsia were recognized as sustainable companies in topics such as best practices, climate change strategy and attraction and retention of talent. “In the Argos Business Group, we welcome this result that demonstrates the commitment to the generation of shared value of our 14,000 employees,” said the president of Argos Group, Jorge Mario Velasquez.

    The Sura Group was recognized for the tenth consecutive year in the index and ranked second among 162 companies evaluated in the miscellaneous financial services sector. For the company’s president, Gonzalo Perez, this is good news because he recognizes the advancement of good business practices.

    “For this reason, the most relevant aspect of inclusion in the world’s main sustainability index is that our capacities contribute to the solution of problems such as inequality, unemployment, business informality, health care, among others,” Pérez added.

    For its part, Davivienda was ratified for the seventh consecutive year in the DJSI, to which she replied that “this ratification responds to the consolidation and management of the sustainability strategy of the bank and its subsidiaries during 2019 and its commitment to develop business models that solve social and environmental problems and create value to people and the environment atmosphere”.

    Bancolombia is the most sustainable bank in the world, according to the Dow Jones. “Leading the DJSI in 2020 and measuring us by its standards allows us to materialize our commitment to be a transformative agent in society, continue to consolidate our organizational culture by moving for sustainable growth and strengthen trust with our relationship groups», said the bank’s president, Juan Carlos Mora.

    ISA, the largest energy carrier in the country, was also included in the DJSI for the sixth consecutive year and this time reached the highest rating in Innovation, Social Report, Environmental Report and Climate Strategy. The company was ranked 5th in the social ranking and 8th in the environmental ranking.

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    In this regard, the president of ISA said: “We are very happy and proud that an indicator recognizes our efforts to contribute, in a tangible way, to the development of the countries where we have a presence; fulfilling our interest groups and contributing with our programs and projects to causes as urgent as climate change and, at this juncture, to the mitigation of the pandemic, protecting life and contributing to the reactivation of the economy”.

    Finally, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices rated the Nutresa Group as the most sustainable food company in the world and was recognized as an industry leader. This year, the company presented superior performance in 11 sustainable practices that reflect its effort to have a resource-efficient operation focused on caring for people and the environment.

    “To be part of the index, besides being a pride, is a sign that we are at the level of the best companies in the world in the matter,” said the president of Nutresa Group, Carlos Ignacio Gallego.

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